Fine art media

Jover Fine Art Productions only use the best in quality equipment and quality Fine Art paper.  Enjoy your walk through our description of Fine Art supplies and our guarantee of Archival quality products.

All our media provides a minimum off 100 years of Archival quality printing.  Using Breathing Colors’ “Timeless Archival Varnish” in Gloss or Matte extends the Archival quality much longer than 100 years.

Our manufacturers of paper are considered the highest rated manufacturers of Fine Art Paper.  We use “Breathing Color” and “LexJet” are our suppliers.

Breathing Color Products

ColorLyte Photo Glass

Elevate your indoor environment with metal prints from ChromaLuxe. Whether you’re curating a home gallery, perfecting an office or lobby, or improving a commercial atmosphere, ChromaLuxe products are the ideal print media solution thanks to the wide variety of substrates, coatings, and finishes available.

ColorLyte Photo Glass 16" x 20" x .13". Frosted White Flat .13” Thick Glass with Rounded .125” Radius Corner Edges. Glass is tempered. Coated for dye sublimation imprinting. Glass prints are simply stylish and will most definitely be the eyecatcher in any interior. Glass reflects light; glass prints will bounce light, giving your photo art the most extraordinary sparkle of life. Glass art is regularly used by photographers when showcasing their work.

Chromaluxe Aluminum

Gloss White

Experience vibrancy and depth of color with our Gloss White finish. Colors pop and details come to life with the white base and thick high-gloss coating. This is an excellent finish for any subject, including landscapes, nature, action photos, water scenes and more.

Gloss Clear

High-Gloss finish applied without the white base allows the natural silver of the aluminum to shine through. Detail and vibrant color still remain, but with a unique effect that favors all types of photography. Images in black and white or with strong color find new meaning on Gloss Clear finish.

Semi-Gloss White

Intense color, crisp detail and reduced glare make our Semi-Gloss finish an exceptional choice. With a gloss level between the Gloss and Matte, Semi-Gloss provides you with the best of both worlds. Perfect for portraits or works of art displayed where glare is a concern.

Semi-Gloss Clear

The gloss level between Gloss and Matte does an excellent job in its clear version. As the aluminum shows through, the Semi-Gloss gives the perfect level of shine that allows colors to pop, but keeps the reflection at a lower level.

Matte White

For portraits, weddings or anytime surface reflection is a concern, our Matte White finish is the optimal choice. The surface provides a rich, smooth finish where colors can come alive with perfect subtlety.

Matte Clear

Avoiding reflection and bringing out the beauty of images with an aluminum base is exactly what the Matte Clear finish does. Display fine art or landscape images under direct light and watch images come to life.

Breathing Color Media

Optica One

  • 100-Years Certified Archival by Accredited 3rd Party
  • Certified by Canon Alliance Partnership Program for imagePROGRAF Large-Format Solutions in conjunction with the Rochester Institute for Technology (RIT) for the imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printer.
  • Perfect for photo prints
  • Eye-popping color gamut & Dmax
  • Incredible detail and resolution
  • Manufacturer direct
  • Matte finish | 15 mil thickness | 300 gsm weight
  • For Aqueous Inks

Elegance Velvet

GSM BRIGHT WHITE VELVET FINE ART PAPER, 100% COTTON. The Breathing Color Elegance 310g, Bright White, water-resistant velvet fine art paper is made from 100% cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free. Elegance Velvet is a proprietary mould made fine art paper that is strong and dimensionally stable. It has a high white point, remarkable ink load capacity, and best-in-class image quality that far exceeds the limitations of virtually every paper of its kind.Elegance Velvet is ideally suited for luxurious fine art and photographic reproduction, portraits, greeting cards, post cards, and presentational art graphics for printed displays.UNRIVALED COLOR GAMUT & DMAX No 100% cotton rag velvet fine art paper on the market today can compete with the color gamut and dmax that this fine art paper delivers. Elegance Velvet is truly ahead of its time, and its name has proudly stood as one of the flagship products of our Company.

Pura Velvet - (same as Elegance Velvet with no whiteners)

The highest quality coating available on a textured fine art paper for prints that invite deeper investigation a warm matte finish signals intimacy and mystery. At 300 GSM Pura Velvet is well structured and poised for a variety of framing and mounting designs. Stable and lasting 100% cotton base with moderate texture and Certified archival by an accredited third party for 100+ years display life.
Reflect your art accurately under any lighting conditions.

Vibrance Gloss

It may be a photographer’s most used paper, but there’s nothing common about our Vibrance Gloss. Developed for the discerning photographer who demands the greatest color gamut, dmax, and image resolution available without compromise, Vibrance Gloss features a cockle-free RC base that imparts luxurious feel and a mirror-like sheen. For maximum ink coverage on an instant dry surface look no further.

Lyve Canvas

Lyve canvas sets the standard for premium inkjet canvas. It’s OBA free yet bright white surface prevents the yellowing that commonly ruins lesser canvas prints due to UV light exposure. Paired with the correct ICC profile Lyve’s patented inkjet coating enables you to print blacks dark enough to lose your keys in, and to reproduce the unique and vibrant colors often found on a painters palette. With a 100 years blue wool certification by the fine art trade guild, you can confidently state that your fine art canvas prints will last for generations.

As an evolution beyond the Chromata White matte canvas that put Breathing Color on the map, Lyve Matte Canvas is what all other premium canvas is modeled after. With all of these features united into one product, Lyve matte canvas online is our chemists pride and joy and a favorite among printmakers around the world.

Vibrance Metallic

Vibrance Metallic photo paper with its smooth gloss finish and blue/gold metallic flake is the perfect premium metallic photo paper for black and white or other high contrast images.

This metallic fine art paper enhances images by providing a slight 3D effect that, when framed without glass, is sure to capture the attention of your customers.

Each Breathing Color metallic photo paper roll comes backed with the best technical support in the industry assuring that every metallic paper photo print will capture the full potential of your creative pursuits.

Glamor 2 Varnish

The added brilliance and protection of Breathing Colors’ most popular varnish now reformulated for those who prefer spraying their prints.  Extended dry time in a highly concentrated formula gives print makers the ability to dilute and adjust according to their requirements or their shop’s unique temperature and humidity. 
Blend-able for endlessly customizable finish options.  No more tackiness while spraying Glamour 2’s twenty-four hour cure time gives large prints the time they need to rest and self-level for a streak-free finish.

Varnishing prints is an excellent alternative to matting and glazing or framing and glass.  A varnished print can be mounted into an open frame without additional protection. The varnish is washable and sufficiently durable to environmental grime or other hazards like sneezes, dirty fingers, or accidental rubs and scrapes.  Compared to traditional presentations, a framed varnished print is much lighter in weight, has no breakable glass to worry about, and requires no matting. Framing a varnished print is much easier and less expensive than framing traditionally.

Gloss vs. Matte Finish:

Jover Photo specializes in advising clients in a gloss varnish or a matte varnish for your art work.

If you want to accentuate the colors of the photograph or the general theme of a sunset or sunrise.  If the answer is yes then Gloss finish is the finest finish for your art or memory.

When you desire to show finite detail then it would be suggested to utilize the Matte finish products. 


Sunset Production eSatin

LexJet’s new Sunset Production eSatin 250g is the latest premium-quality, resin-coated photo paper in the award-winning Sunset lineup. While slightly lighter than the industry standard Sunset Photo eSatin, it still represents a major breakthrough in performance compared to other photo papers in its class. This 10-mil, 250g satin-finish photo paper makes high-volume, production-oriented printing easier. This paper is the perfect choice for posters, commercial displays, and photo portraits, and can be used with either pressure-sensitive or low-heat thermal laminates.


  • 10-mil, 250-gram photo paper with a satin (e-surface) finish
  • Prints dry instantly and are highly resistant to scratches
  • Compatible with all leading dye and pigment photo inkjet printers

Water-Resistant Satin Cloth

Water-Resistant Satin Cloth is a lightweight, water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant polyester fabric that produces excellent image quality. It has quickly become a popular option for photo exhibitions, trade-show graphics, P-O-P displays, and décor art.

LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth has been used in retractable banner stands, art-gallery exhibitions, table skirts, window shades, flags, privacy screens, and dozens of other applications. This cloth is a great alternative to traditional backlit films, because the colors really pop when prints on Water-Resistant Satin Cloth are lit from behind.

It also feels soft and luxurious and is easy to hang and transport. As its name implies, this cloth is highly resistant to water (particularly with pigment inks).

The coating can hold high levels of ink saturation for richer, more brilliant color on the ultra-white base polyester cloth.

LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth works with dye or pigment inks.

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