Fine Art What is It?

We all here the term Fine Art and then following it, Print on Demand or Print in Mugs etc.. Well here at Jover Fine Art Productions we are true Artisans that take pride in our work and the professionalism we employ to turn your fine art into Fine Wall Art or Digitize paintings for production on Canvas.

Everything at JFAP is handmade from space technology materials that assure all our clients of 200 + years of archival properties. Using light weight materials and adhering to rigid standards gives quality to all our products.
We provide Gallery Wrap, Chromaluxe Aluminum Printing, Box Mount, Floating Box Mount, Floating Mount and digitizing services. When you work with Jover Fine Art Productions you are working with a team of professionals that produce your piece of art to the highest standards.
 Call today (240) 315-6594 for a consultation. We will adjust your photos and art work to your preferences and if you print $25 or more with us then all photo enhancements or digitization services are at no charge.

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William Stover
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